Gerry was here just for a few days but we kept him busy between the Grand Opening, meeting friends and neighbors, teaching us and praying together, visiting my English class, and a quick visit to a small island for swimming and seeing the turtles. Within a day of him being here word had spread and as I walked to the VTC neighbors stopped and asked me if the rumors of a “Mchina” (a Chinese person) staying at our house were true. No matter how many times we explained that he was actually American they always referred to him this way, Waswahili call it like they see it for sure. No need to be PC here. Our favorite quote came from my neighbor who called me over to ask if he was staying with us and then proceeded to tell me she would be around tomorrow to “look at him.” And indeed she came to do just that. Ah, the burdens of being a Mgeni. But our time with him was great and he has now set foot in our home for now; one of the few people from our old world that have collided with our new and that means so much to us! Asante Gerry & safari njema!
hanging out with Pamoja’s English students
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sabit one, prison island 052.jpgedit
exploring the island and basking at the beach together
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um……our girls are beautiful.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Anni is going to be a tour guide of turtle island. So glad you had someone from home.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So glad you had a wonderful grand opening and a special friend from the USA! I would love some of your sunshine and beach sand…snow came to the South and it doesn't seem to want to leave.

  3. Anonymous says:

    They really are beautiful. As always, wonderful photos. You are doing such a wonderful job documeting this experience. What a rich period of life and wonderfully archived story you will have to reflect back on!