map & tea party 004.jpgedit

look what we made and FINALLY got around to hanging on our wall. And J did not fail us on his quest for a cork board in town. After gathering some pictures, yarn, fabric, paper, and a few thumbtacks (harder to come by then one would think) we picked a high traffic area (but one that avoids the steamy chaotic mess of the kitchen) and hung it up. We settled on the hallway just outside the kitchen and; of course, low enough for little eyes to see (but high enough to aviod Miss Evy’s path of destruction).

Our Loved Ones Map. Where you are and how we miss you so. It serves as a reminder that you are with us here too. We tell stories about the time you said “this” or we went “there” together and we can pray for you because distance does not have to mean we forget.

PS. Please send us a picture of YOU so we can include you too!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Roxanne, I love how Annikah has her baby wrapped around her just like the locals. Koreans do that, too. Bogie used to be carried on his mom's back all the time. He remembers it, too. So happy we are included on your loved ones map. You are on ours, too. I'll post a pic of ours too.Happy New Year!