On Christmas Eve our house soon became visiting central (we thought we might get a break after the party but actually I think people knew it was our siku kuu and what do you do on special holidays? VISIT!). But amidst the chaos we made lots of cookies, ice cream, a pinata (pics to come), and sat with those who stopped by to chat. One girlfriend even came over and asked me to join her at a wedding later in the day (I politely turned down the invitation šŸ™‚ explaining that we would celebrate at home for Krismasi.
christmas, pinata 018.jpgedit
cookie making in what can only be described as “the oven” of our kitchen. But worth every drip of sweat!
christmas, pinata 030.jpgedit
On Christmas morning we left the house at 6:40 am to attend a local church with the family that lives with us. The small, unfinished building was dark, dusty, and incredibly hot but it was awesome to be among those here following Him and celebrating His birth. The walls were decorated with bright kangas and handmade fabric flags adorned the ceiling and everyone was decked out in their best attire. Even though the number of people celebrating Christmas is very small here we felt part of the “church” worldwide. Pretty amazing.
everyone in their Krismasi best
christmas, pinata 036.jpgedit
After getting home we decided we need to escape our house and get some family time so we headed out and drove around for a bit blaring Christmas music, singing, and enjoying the AC in our car. Now that I type that it sounds really lame but for us seriously it was a blast. Then we headed to a hotel to swim and have lunch. Swimming on Christmas is fast becoming a tradition and we embrace it completely.
christmas, pinata 011.jpgedit
this is how I felt about eating out too!
We also got to Skype with family and open a few gifts (we are still awaiting some packages too…yeah!). There were some tears (mostly from me)…. We love you all and miss you so.
christmas, pinata 002.jpgedit
We locked ourselves in the only room with AC, pumped it until we were adequately chilled, ate home made ice cream and cookies, and watched Christmas movies.
Baby Jesus 001.jpgedit
And we read the story of Christmas: of the miracles, of the danger, of the fulfillment, of the rejoicing, of the worhsip, and of the joy. And then we opened the bag to reveal baby Jesus. Great Krismasi.
a glimpse of church here…..
And Anni getting her Krismasi on……and you see why we silenced the cheap lights we bought here after one day

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the lights music sounds like Gremlins have possessed the tree. Love it! Looks like a great holiday

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love Anni getting her Christmas on. She sure can sway those little hips. She might want to watch that as she grows up if she inherits Bibi's hips. I sent a CD of Christmas music that should have been better than what you were listening to.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “I'm running around the Christmas tree!””Anni, I think that's rocking around the Christmas tree…”That conversation and seeing Anni dance was delightful and made me smile. Thanks for sharing a bit of your Christmas fun with us. Merry Christmas friends. <3