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So, Miss Evangeline Imani otherwise known as Warrior Princess otherwise known as Mtundu did in fact turn one yesterday. And she began her birthday experiences by (I fear) what will only be the start of many years of wishing she was NOT born so close to Christmas. She kinda got the shaft but really 1st birthday parties are for the parents more than for her, right? At least that makes me feel better. We cannot blame the busyness of Christmas either since not many celebrate it here but we are both teaching, helping get things ready for Pamoja’s grand opening, and preparing for our big neighborhood celebration on Thursday and seriously the days have been a blur for the past week. We did manage to make some cupcakes but after a stream of visitors we did not get around to actually singing until right before her bedtime. Better late than never and actually turned out to be perfect timing since she ate with gusto and needed a bath immediately following her shindig. Poor kid never even wore clothes yesterday…it is just too HOT! Despite the lack of birthday planning finesse we are amazingly grateful for this little girl and the joy she brings into our lives. Being her mother is a special gift that I treasure dearly. She opened 3 presents (with the help of her eager sister): a cheap 1 dollar Chinese cell phone we got her at the market that plays ridiculous annoying music, some cookies and new earrings from our team leader’s family, and a cabbage patch baby sent by Bibi (rumor has it other packages on on their way too). Oh and she got many congrats from the neighborhood and 500 shillings (about 30 cents) from a girlfriend of mine. Sweet. Here are some photos from the last minute festivities.
foro, evy 1st bday 066
My helpers greasing the pan pre-cupcake baking
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impromptu gathering
foro, evy 1st bday 102.jpgedit
first bite!
foro, evy 1st bday 110.jpgedit
my fav pic…if you look close you can even see a fly on her head…poor kid!
foro, evy 1st bday 114.jpgedit
foro, evy 1st bday 119.jpgedit
cleaning up….being naked at your own party is only permitted when you look this cute šŸ™‚
foro, evy 1st bday 125.jpgedit

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not quite the same as Anni's first birthday party, was it. Glad I sent the baby early . Hope the other boxes get there for Christmas. Love ya little Evy. Bibi (won't accept my password for dome reason.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Evy! She's beautiful even with icing all over! Adorable!

  3. Anonymous says:

    happy birthday evy!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Amazing! I love that she has chocolate right up to her eye brows!! Happy 1st birthday Evy xx