So we did in fact manage to snag invites to not one but 2 REAL Thanksgiving dinners! I know we were shocked too. It seemed that “African time” definitely applied since both dinners were about a week after the actual date but really that is just a suggestion, right?
round 1….

The first was with the Jander family about an hour outside Nairobi. They are from Texas and we just adore them and let me tell you Linda is a real cook. Like the kind of mother and wife that puts my microwavin’ dinner makin’ self to shame. She made Emeril’s Thanksgiving recipes (or as close as you can get using the food available here) and it was amazing. We got to enjoy a real family dinner with their friends and kids: awesome.
kenya, road trip back 059.jpgedit

J was in a food comma after about an hour
kenya, road trip back 065.jpgedit

Evy was not a fan..
kenya, road trip back 073.jpgedit
round 2 took us to Naivasha, Kenya another hour away to meet up with a family we adore. They have 4 kids and we always love hanging out with them. They told us about these little cottages tucked away in the beautiful hills and forest and we jumped at the chance for some quiet and space. They invited us for Thanksgiving dinner as well and of course we could never refuse free food šŸ™‚ Although upon seeing the yummy spread Miss Annikah whispered to me “Mama, I just want rice.” Ahhh, my island child. Again, we stuffed ourselves silly and then proceeded to enjoy the festivities of a “fall party” which felt a little more realistic there since it was in fact chilly. I was sipping hot apple cider! There was bobbing for apples (although Miss Anni could not be bothered with as it would make her dress “yucky” and she instead opted for searching the house for a sweatshirt to borrow since she was “freezing”), turkey pin making (thanks Jorie!), and whack the Turkey pinata (and that thing was strong!).
kenya, road trip back 104.jpgedit
kenya, road trip back 108.jpgedit
kenya, road trip back 119.jpgedit
first whack always goes to the youngest
kenya, road trip back 126.jpgedit
Go Anni go!!
kenya, road trip back 135.jpgedit
showing off the the dead bird
kenya, road trip back 136.jpgedit
and the fruit of their labor
kenya, road trip back 117.jpgedit
Go on smile ’til it hurts!

We desperately miss our family back stateside and we really feel it at times like this but we are profoundly grateful God blesses us with family here too. Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with gratitude, warmth, and love….oh and lots of over eating!

  1. Anonymous says:

    The turkey looks great, and huge. Where do they get them over there? Love how everyone's hands are moving in picture grabbing food. Evy laughing till it hurts is also darling. She must be such a sweetie, after all she's been through. Can't believe she'll be one in a few weeks. She doesn't even know who any of us are. Glad you all had such a great trip and such good friends.