Jason left yesterday morning for a 2 day fishing, camping-ish, boat riding, swimming, man-fest extraordinaire. He went went some guy friends here and the plan was to sleep on a sandbank AND fish all night AND eat whatever they catch while simultaneously competing with the rats for dry land. His idea of a good time. Not Mine. Nope, we girls are having some girl bonding time. We already tackled cake making, toe nail polishing, Tinkerbell movie screening, and most importantly an ice cream date. It was a first for Miss Evy who enthusiastically gives Italian gelato 2 thumbs up or in her case a toothless grin. Happy Girl Time.
evy and Anni, ice cream 020.jpgedit
evy and Anni, ice cream 029.jpgedit
evy and Anni, ice cream 046.jpgedit

  1. Anonymous says:

    So cute. Reminds me of taking Anni for ice cream in Lake Geneva before you left the first time. Love seeing them in outfits I got. Can't believe Evy is standing there so well by herself. Looks like a well deserved treat was had by all. And I agree, ice cream beats fishing any day.

  2. Anonymous says:

    fun!!! love those times!