Shipping containers arrive all the time on our little island. Some hold clothes and shoes from Dubai that are sold in the markets, some hold items for hotels or people relocating, and other machine parts or even cars! Our team leader and his family packed a shipping container while in Germany and sent it on it’s way across the ocean. It was full of office equipment, tools for the auto workshop, car lifts, some personal stuff, and even a VW van!! It arrived safely last Friday and it was quite chaotic unpacking everything. I walked down to the vocational school with the girls to bring some cold juice for all the workers and take some pictures since with 2 watoto in tow I was not of much help in actually unpacking, lifting, or sorting. There was also no shortage of onlookers and helpers after it arrived on site. I was so overwhelmed with how much work it was and am glad although some days we wish we had a comfy mattress or a cushy couch we did not bring a container..too much work if you ask me! Not to mention the cost, hassle, and stress of dealing with the government and making sure it arrives safely. My head hurts just thinking about it! But we are thankful it made it and for sure many of its contents will help our school here and will remain to hopefully help the school and the local people long after we are gone. Here is a bit of the container craziness….
container 038.jpgedit
How many Wazungu & Waswahili does it take to unload a container?….LOTS!!!
container 071.jpgedit
some car repair thingy (note: I will not be teaching auto repair in case anyone was wondering….)
container 057.jpgedit
Evy was quite happy on my back taking it all in
container 035.jpgedit
Anni & friends clean up and cool off
container 065.jpgedit
Anni chills amidst the maddness
container 076.jpgedit
one little girl was seen trying to steal stuff…. fortunately she had no pockets and was not stealthy enough to get away with anything good
container 089.jpgedit
the full size of the container….this was right before they used a crane to get the car out!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like an unusual day for everyone. Pretty exciting stuff!