It is heating up which means less and less time indoors and more time sitting outside on a busati (mat) trying to catch a breeze, chatting with neighbors, watching Anni and crew frolic, working on lessons for shule and English class, and trying to keep Miss Evy from eating dirt. Here is some of life outside our house………
Evy stands, anni in her room 003.jpgedit
Lusi and Annikah always meet Mika at the gate when he arrives from school for a ride back to the front door-African style of course! They even went to the duka once like that which was a BIG adventure..just ask Anni who talked about it for 3 days…..the stuff of legends y’all…..
outside our house 004.jpgedit
sharing swings (and I discovered later trying to swing high enough to touch my clean laundry hanging on the line with their stinky, dirty lil’ feet)…ah….watoto….
outside our house 017.jpgedit
At any given point SOMETHING is busted, broken, or in need of attention at our house. It seems that is just the way things are here. Internet works…stove will be busted. Speakers working…cell phones will be out. We have come to expect it. We have learned ya just can’t have everything working at once…life would be boring that way šŸ™‚
Evy stands, anni in her room 025.jpgedit
well, now it is our water tank- the water coming out of our pipes smells like dead animal. No lie. It is RANK! And I discovered this by taking a shower in it! Gross but sadly still better than going to bed sweaty(….I know an overshare but you are the one that reads this stuff :)). Here is Jason trying to climb to the top (while I simultaneously take a picture and pray he does not break his head open falling off the cement wall that is about 6 inches across…I did hold the ladder too). He was trying to fish out whatever dead thing he could find. No such luck which means it is already IN the pipes. We can still take showers and use water just not any from half the taps in the house. For now, that will have to do….Always an adventure!
outside our house 024.jpgedit
Miss Anni brought some dress up clothes outside yesterday and after dressing herself and Lusi promptly declared “I am princess Giselle Ahmed and Lusi is a bad guy.” Here they are deep in the midst of character acting….seriously, I could not make this stuff up….
outside our house 027.jpgedit
Later a rogue baby chicken somehow got into our yard and while 3 shule kids were off investigating it’s orgins Anni, Lusi, and Mika fed it some rice. outside our house 009.jpgedit
Anni also declared “Mama, this is my royal kuku (chicken)” Well, then.
outside our house 014.jpgedit
Karibuni Kwetu! (welcome to ours)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Darling. Is the duck a royal pet, or soon to be a royal dinner?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Royal Chicken! That's great. She could make it a tiny crown :)Sorry about the dead animal in your water cistern! That is supergross. Anni is going to have such great stories to tell for the rest of her life! And a vivid, well-exercised imagination as well!