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Annikah feels God’s presence. She always asks us to pray when she gets hurt or is scared. She prays for her little friends when they get hurt or have a problem. She gives Him credit often and remembers to give thanks. I want to be like Annikah more. To have Faith that He heals, protects, guards, listens, acts, provides, and is Real. I know all this in my head but somedays the transfer to my heart is where I get stuck.
In Dar she saw a picture of Jesus hanging on the cross and she said “oh, so sorry Jesus for the nails.” She had no idea I was standing there in the room.
It was like her own little conversation with God. And it made my heart smile.

And last week she said…
“Papa, I made this picture for God because He made the whole the world!”
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We told Anni we thought He would be smiling too.

  1. Anonymous says:

    We learn some good stuff from our kids, don't we? Thanks for the Anni wisdom.