This week at Anni’s school we made kites!! I thought of the idea when Jason accidentally bought the wrong size paper bags a while back in town. They were just sitting in my bin-o-craftiness waiting for a project. And after some careful tying of ribbon (cheaper than the string or rope I found in town) they fly pretty well as kites and thus the craft for this week was born. Add some markers, stickers, glue, and crepe paper left over from Anni’s party and we flew kites! The fun part was teaching them what kites were. I guess they had learned “k is for Kite” but although they had all rote memorized that they had never seen a kite. I made it my personal goal to make sure they all knew how fabulous kites are! I read a story about a kite and then we decorated our bags and then I showed them the clip from Mary Poppins where they sing “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” on my laptop. They loved it even though I could not properly translate ‘atmosphere’ or ‘soaring’ they got the basic jest. After singing the song and finishing tying all the ribbon there was only one thing left to do…..
lusi adn anni wash, kites at eden 016.jpgedit
lusi adn anni wash, kites at eden 021.jpgedit
if you try these at home reinforce the place you hole punch to tie the string or ribbon with masking tape to ensure kids can run and yank without ripping the bag…
lusi adn anni wash, kites at eden 028.jpgedit
lusi adn anni wash, kites at eden 026.jpgedit
today was a good reminder for me that flying a kite is the stuff of childhood….and it rules!

  1. Anonymous says:

    So cute and clever. I love that part of Mary Poppins. I cherish the days last winter watching it Anni. What's next? Pie fight from The Great Race?

  2. Anonymous says:

    you rock. super creative craft.