It is Wednesday again and today I tried out home made finger paints at Anni’s school! It was a blast! I must say the kids really loved it although they were so afraid at first to touch the paint, like they might get busted. I knew I explained it correctly in Kiswahili so when they were still hesitant I had my messy kid demonstrate-she loved that!!
finger paint 007.jpgedit
The paints are easy to make with stuff you might already have at home and thus super cheap. Thought I would share the recipe for any one who wants to have their own finger painting fun.
Finger paint – Rangi kwa vidole
Combine and stir until dissolved: 1 tbsp cornstarch (here called corn flour) and 1/2 cup cold water (I tripled this to make 4 jars of paints)
Stir constantly (this is important) while cooking over medium heat until mixture comes to a boil, loses whiteness, and starts to thicken. Lower heat to almost notta for another 2 minutes until mixture is very thick and smooth. Remove from heat and cool. Divide into jars and color with a few drops food coloring.
Dampen paper and let kids at it! You can save left over paint in the fridge for a week.
evy talking vid, finger paint 004.jpgedit
(adorable watotos you’ll have to gather yourself)
evy talking vid, finger paint 003.jpgedit

  1. Anonymous says:

    awesome…seems quite a bit cheaper than finger paint- so I'll try it as part of my homemaking and moneymanaging all in one…can't wait- thanks for the recipe;)