getting 2 packages filled with supplies for shule, yummy treats, and gifts for Anni Joy and Evy (most of which have safely hidden away for next weeks 4th Bday festivities for the aforementioned Miss A). Thanks Aunt Annie & Uncle Justin & Bibi and Babu E!!

Anni was so thrilled about her new additions to her Berenstain Bear collection that she …well…rolled in them! (And J & I secretly love BB books since they remind us of being kids)
bb books 003.jpgedit
And Evy looks too cute in her new headband:
evy wearing new bow 006.jpgedit
Also, even though no one guessed the correct misquoted English question from my class I had a blast reading everyone’s guesses: Asante for posting comments. Ready for the correct answer: She asked why do Wazungus say “God is sick?” but what she actually heard was “FOR GOODNESS SAKE!” Gotta love it!! Although “gotta sec” was actually a GREAT guess! But as promised the zawadi goes to: Kers (but if you are still reading from Iowa I need your address so please send me an email with it and a shiny bling scarf will start making it’s way to YOU:) More misadventures to come…..

In other non-related news we are off to the mainland for a routine doctor’s appointment, a visit to the Social Services office to give our international references for the adoption :), a stop at the Embassy for some passport updates, and helping our team leader and his family arrive back after being in Germany for a few months. And of course, what would a trip to Dar be without a little Wazungu fun! Wearing pants and eating bacon here we come!! *

*for clarification the wearing pants is only fun for me since Jason always wears pants…just thought he would appreciate me making sure that was understood šŸ™‚

  1. Anonymous says:

    So glad the package arrived safely! Hope Anni enjoys the books – and have a great time in Dar. I'm sure you're happy about Hans' family returning! Yay!