Shamba has two meanings: the place you grow stuff or the countryside. In this case I mean the countryside as that where my hubby is for the week. He left yesterday to spend a few days in a small village with family members of a good friend here. He took his piki piki and before he left it was pretty hilarious to watch him secure his small suitcase and then a gift for the people he is staying with; a huge bunch of bananas and a bag of tomatoes from our other shamba, to the back of his bike using rope. He for sure rode local style withe everything piled high and sorta tied down! This week will be a great opportunity to practice his Kiswahili, learn a lot about life in a village, share stories and time together, and understand more about the culture especially during Ramadan. He called last night and he seems to be doing great although I know the sleeping arrangements are gonna be a little rough šŸ™‚ He is also fasting with his friends so in the heat that is a challenge but all good stuff. Me and the girls are keeping very busy and being looked after by our neighbors while Jason is becoming a Mshamba.
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Go J!
*also, 2 more days to get your guess or comment in here.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You're brave to stay alone during Ramadan! Quite an adventure for Jason as well – did we meet the friend he went to visit?