getting crayons at shule 002.jpgedit
New crayons are pretty fabulous. Especially when some kind folks from the states ship one brand spanking new box for each watoto at shule!! I wrote each student’s name on one box and handed them out last thursday during school. They were so excited to have their own crayons that they can use at home to complete their homework that they could not stop smiling. They sat on our mat and pulled out each color and examined them one by one asking me about the names in English (pretty hard to explain why the name is apricot (when they do not have those here) or cadet blue but nonetheless it was the best day of shule yet! I am so humbled that so many of you have wanted to help and support our shule (some people I have never even met). We are certainily moving up from the world of a mat, a few pencils, some of Anni’s toys, and a children’s Bible. Although that will always be our foundation and really all we need. Everything else is just bonus! After getting several packages filled with new flashcards, construction paper, music CD’s, new puzzles, and lots of crafty fabulousness one of the students said “Mama Annikah, now our school is like a real school” (in Kiswahili of course:). It is also a blessing that we prayed together to ask God to provide and He did and now we all get a front row seat to see what He is doing. I cannot wait to see what is next!! Special thanks to everyone who is supporting us (through funds, awesome school stuff, and prayers)……it means so much……we are so appreciative……just look at these faces!
getting crayons at shule 012.jpgedity new crayons ROCK!
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Asante sana everyone!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    How happy they are who have so little, when kids here wouldn't even care about something as little as new crayons. You are truly doing God's work, and being rewarded with smiles and so much more. Love you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Soooo happy we could help! glad to see how much they mean! The kids are just too cute!