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This Saturday we spent most of the day at a parent meeting and game time hosted by Anni’s school. Of course we received notice about this meeting 2 days before through a note sent home in Kiswahili. Hence my new word: kikao (meeting). Anni came home from school last week telling us tales that the wazungus came to school. After some questioning we realized she meant Koreans (who by definition are wazungu since it literally means foreigner). She learned a couple words in Korean and how to bow and they made some crafts: she was hyped! A short term team came to help at the school and have been teaching the kids new songs and doing projects with them for the week and Saturday the teachers and kids got to show off what they have been learning. During the open house portion of the day we all headed to our children’s classrooms and looked through their books and saw their work. It was great to be able to interact more with some of the parents and show them some them some of the projects we have been doing each Wednesday that now decorate the classroom. After a lunch break there was game time and Anni and the kids LOVED the crazy games that were new to most of them. I forget how much fun ridiculous relay games are! I am not sure who was more excited: the parents or the kids! Most people here have never played games like pop the balloon, eat the candy in the flour without using your hands, carry the ping pong ball on the spoon, pass the water ballon, etc. It was a bit of a challenge explaining the games (as as the video shows some kids did not quite get the rules) but we all had a blast laughing, cheering, and playing together. It was also great to see Anni interacting with her friends and singing songs they have learned together. Plus, you just gotta love the Tanzania accents and/or mispronunciations of English words (see video). Everyone had a great time and by the end we were dirty, sweaty, and completely exhausted! And I was proud of my big girl Anni and her little school here.

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Evy made lots of friends

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some of the parents watching the games

Eden Party, Anni's Skirt 036.jpgedit lunch break (everyone brought their hot pots!)

Eden Party, Anni's Skirt 040.jpgedit Go Anni!!

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Anni with some of her classmates

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flour face..

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big kids leading the little ones in a drawing game

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This picture makes me smile…cheering on their team!

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Even I got in on the action (Mama relay) ……J too- although he was volunteered for a culturally no-so appropiate game..glad I only had to eat candy from a plate full of flour :)(See video for a bit of J’s game šŸ™‚

Here is a video I cut together of some of the song time:

You can even hear Twinkle….”Like a Dy-o-mund in the sky,” Moring bells are ringing…which comes out “morning bags are linging,”Head-Y, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,” and my favorite the hip sway ABC’s!


and here is some of the game time:

Anni is awesome! Love the kid’s version of the rules & pole sana for J!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, what a fun day! Took me back to my childhood – for moments you could almost be in the US, until that loud rooster (or whatever it was) in song time made me blink!

  2. Anonymous says:

    that was great!! i loved all the cheering and laughing!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe white men can't jump, but little white girls can sure sway their hips! Hilarious. Love the flour on the faces. Did the cd and book I sent for games and songs help? I loved Anni on her bike, too. She was riding like crazy, a real natural.