This week’s craft for Anni’s class was paper bag puppets. The kids did great and we wrote the Kiswahili and the English word for each animal on the bag.

Here are my teacher’s assistants trying out the craft first at home (I learned once the hard way this is necessary if you have never tried said craft before):
lucy and anni with puppets, evy and anni in new outfits 003.jpgedit
and here are all the watoto in Anni’s class proudly showing off their work. They loved the finished product….but I mostly think they loved my ridiculous “animal voices” when demonstrating how you use a puppet. Don’t miss out on the fun : make your own…..easy template we used here.
videos, puppets at eden 003.jpgedit

  1. Anonymous says:

    sometimes the silly adults to accompany the craft are the kiddos favorite part.