lucy, Anni, swing, boat race 072.jpgedit
Today after family worship at our house we headed to town for some time together. We killed almost an hour because we got stopped by the police for something totally bogus. Argh, dealing with the police is an exercise in patience for sure as they can stop you for almost any reason and usually want a bribe for said made up charge. They finally let us go after some arguing, apologizing, and giving the police man some water. We went and ate lunch at one of our fav places and then headed to a swanky hotel that was hosting boat races for charity. And just for today even scrubs like us could enter to watch for free. We even managed to dodge the servers trying to get us to buy 4 dollar sodas šŸ™‚ We arrived after the said starting time but after waiting forever the boats still had not left the beach. The organization was waiting for the local guests of honor and when we saw that only 1 seat was filled out of 20 we decided to head back since Evy was wicked tired and Jason had to head off to the shamba with his friend to pay the bride price (the wedding is next Friday). I cannot wait to hear what it is like to “buy yous a woman” when he returns later but for now the girls are I are going to hang out, read, and play. At least we got some beautiful pictures and enjoyed the cool breeze and saw the boats before they headed out.
lucy, Anni, swing, boat race 029.jpgedit checking out the boats…
lucy, Anni, swing, boat race 070.jpgedit
I love that gummy grin….
lucy, Anni, swing, boat race 026.jpgedit
just saying……we are….

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know all about the police situation. Glad to see I'm not the only reason you get pulled over. Pole. Again the girls look so darling, and BIG! Gotta go pack. We tried to skype, but you were gone. I may try before I go to sleep tonight after I pack. Katy is home for her doctor's appointment.

  2. Anonymous says:

    love these pictures.