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I think Mamas of young children are constantly doing laundry. If I added up the time I spend doing laundry per week I am pretty sure it would be more hours than I spend sleeping (Oh well, sleep in for the weak, right? :). I actually like laundry (of course in comparison to other chores like cleaning the toilets…not in comparison to say time with a good book and a cup of coffee). But I have this theory that stinky socks, sticky food covered shirts, sweaty and dusty skirts, and wet diapers hang out together and conspire against us hardworking Mamas of the world. Once I toss dirty stuff in the green washing tub in the bathroom it seems to mate and multiply. I am constantly washing clothes and diapers, hanging them on the line, taking them down, folding them, and putting them back only to do it all again tomorrow. Lately the clothes even seem to be “eating” our clothespins as everyday there are fewer and fewer…what is up with that? Although I am monumentally grateful we have a washing machine (even if it is old and temperamental) and I do not have to wash everything by hand like most women here…..yikes! Still, it remains. I do lots of laundry and I am sure I am not the only one. Sigh. Yesterday after folding yet another load I walked down the hallway to put the clean clothes away and when I returned I found this….

anni and Evy, anni buying fabric in mjini 004.jpgedit

“look Mama, this is my new house and Evy can come over if she says “hoodi” ok?”
sorta makes little chores all worth it

  1. Anonymous says:

    i found your clothespins :)if i say hoodi can i come over too?

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a darling picture! And look, Evy found the clothespins! Anni has such a cute imagination.