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is getting old!! Yesterday we looked back on pictures of Annikah when she was Evy’s age and to put it bluntly: we feel OLD! We cannot believe how much she has changed, grown, and is becoming her unique little version of herself. Complete with emotional meltdowns and all I would not change a thing (ok, maybe the whining šŸ™‚ Some days I think how busy life is, how I move from one tragedy to another, how one of my children seem to always NEED something, and how tiring that all is. And then I remember the day will soon come when I will long for these days. Then I smile.

Yesterday after spending a good chunk of our Sunday trying to track down a used bike that was A. not broken beyond repair and was B. a good price and that C. Miss A could ride (harder than you think on dirt and rocks) we accepted defeat. At least momentary defeat as we will continue the search for a 4th Bday present bike (we still have a month). The upside was we found a little local restaurant that just opened that sells smoothies made with ice cream for super cheap!! It was a welcome break from our search and I tried out some new setting on my camera and I LOVE these shots of Anni. How beautiful is my oldest? I just want to freeze these moments…..
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love these pics of our big girl. I can't believe we are going to miss another birthday party. šŸ™ Buy her one of the new ones the guy said he could get, and I'll send $ through paypal for it. I don't want her to get hurt on a used bike that falls apart under her. She is a beauty, for sure, and Evy really looks like her when she was that age.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Agreed that Annikah is a little beauty! And she is special in so many ways. I miss her so! I would love to get my hands on little Evy, too! She's a sweetheart. Your pictures are so good – I'm saving many to the album I have of your family.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rox-Annikah is a beautiful girl. I love these pictures! Since Gillian and Annikah are the same child (temperament wise, anyway) I alternate between utter exhaustion and tearful gratefulness so I totally get it!! Love you!