This morning was a new day and for that I am grateful. I was able to shake the funk a bit after talking it through with J and praying and sleeping. Evy only woke up once and that in itself is reason to do a little ditty. Then Anni got up, dressed herself with no fuss, and even greeted our house helper with a respectful “Shikamo” (something she usually only does when suggested by us). I took her to school and stayed to lead the craft and read stories and she was soo helpful, sweet, and pretty darn fabulous. I almost passed out when the words “Mama, I want to share this with everyone” came out of her mouth. At least she always keeps me guessing and praying and for sure laughing.

Here is the video of her making Evy laugh a couple nights ago. I dare you to watch it without smiling….

  1. Anonymous says:

    It's the simple things I guess; any adult would have got bored of running round the table after a while!! Well done you Merican's by the way, you did deserve it after all those disallowed goals šŸ™‚