piki and zoo 001.jpgedit
Check out how Jason is getting around these days. He has wanted to get a piki piki for a while to save on gas cost on short trips around town, to school to teach, and so that when he is gone all day I am not stranded in case something crazy happens…like say, just for example our house catching on fire šŸ™‚ We were saving and had some generous gifts that helped us finally get it. I have to say I am really glad he did as we are saving tons on gas, I have a bit more freedom to go places, and honestly…he is pretty sexy riding it. Ok, the helmet is a bit dorky but a must since I told him if he crashed and died I would kill him! Plus, he convinced me to try it out a few times and I must say I LOVE it!! I have to ride local style (side saddle because of the long skirts here) and we took a quick trip to the duka. On our ten minute ride we felt like celebrities as we were cheered on since I was riding the “right way.” It was seriously hilarious as people were screaming things at us…my favorite “Mzungu amepanda?” (the white person climbed on?) Yep! We wazungus like our new piki piki!
And the “L” is for “learner” not “loser” (just thought I would pre-empt that one).

  1. Anonymous says:

    shuh! I'm so jealous! Sweet ride J!