I have now been to the zoo 5 times. Seriously, when we find something cheap that is fun for kids we kill it. Every time we have gone with different friends, neighbors, or Anni’s school and this Saturday we finally convinced Papa he had to check it out…after all all the watoto are talking about it! It really is a great place for kids and I have hopes of raising some fund-age to take the kids from our shule too- they would have a blast! Our family joined another family doing great work here (they founded and are helping to set up a school for children) for a farewell for now (since they are leaving for 6 months). We explored the zoo, had a sack lunch, camel and horse rides, and lots of playground time. Anni loved showing papa around as she could pretty much give tours these days. Here are some pictures from the last couple trips to the zoo….they should pay me for this advertising:)
evy eating, zoo with Asha 031.jpgedit
Anni & Kasim check out the zoo. At first he was terrified of most everything but after about an hour his Mama said “he can’t stop smiling”…so sweet!
evy eating, zoo with Asha 030.jpgedit
evy eating, zoo with Asha 020.jpgedit
piki and zoo 041.jpgedit
As Anni commented on the ride home”Papa & Mama, I love our little family” I agree!!
piki and zoo 082.jpgedit
that is right folks, 5 kids!!
piki and zoo 062.jpgedit
baby camel love
piki and zoo 072.jpgedit
piki and zoo 042.jpgedit
I LOVE these camel riding pics…Jason are Anni are adorable! I have said it before and will say it again….nothing is hotter than a good father and I have quite the hottie!!
piki and zoo 043.jpgedit
piki and zoo 073.jpgedit
Evy and I did not ride the camel but we still were smiling and enjoying a breeze and that blue sky…crazy beautiful!
piki and zoo 081.jpgedit
We needed a family fabulous fun day…it was awesome!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Adorable pictures of all of you.We were up at the lake for Memorial Day, but no one else was up for a visit. Lonely šŸ™ We're watching the Blackhawks now. Will go home tomorrow.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Are they (Christina & fam.) really leaving for 6 months? But they plan to come back again?I hope, we see them again in ZNZ…

  3. Anonymous says:

    These are beautiful new family pics, and I love the new look of your blog! XOXO to you all~