I wish I could say I am a super motivated, amazingly creative Mama who comes up with fabulous crafts everyday for Annikah to do. I am not. And actually am quite inept in the craftiness department . But the upside of me teaching the kids at our house and also leading crafts at Anni’s school every week it that I need to come up with and try out new craft ideas. It sorta forces me to be creative and although it does not always come easily and there are many dud ideas it is giving Anni and friends some fabulous crafty time. Yep, Anni and Lucy are loving my new found craftiness…..
kids together, crafts with Lucy 048.jpgedit
I was particularly excited about this one. It is a craft for “God made me special” and uses a Popsicle stick, a passport size picture, scraps of fabric, glue, brown paper bags, scraps of construction paper, and for extra fancy we added some sparklies to make it more island like (people here LOVE bling). Like a little “me puppet” that we discovered is especially fun for dancing and giggling:) They turned out pretty adorable, don’t ya think?
kids together, crafts with Lucy 047.jpgedit
next stop Anni’s school.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great job! They turned out great – look really African!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Adorable pictures and craft!