This week has been CRAZY. Like a new level of crazy. The smoke monster *left only a singed bed, wall, and destroyed cushion in it’s wake so that was easily dealt with. After the continuing water issues we had to go to the sheha of our area to get permission to pay to fix our water (that is supposed to be free from the government (gotta love that). Thankfully Evy and Anni are both better (Evy still has a bit of a cough but she is back to her smiley self). Other happenings have included lots of visitors, shule outside here, meetings and visa issues, a field trip with Anni’s entire school to the zoo, and the BIG news….Jason started teaching computer classes and I started English conversation hour at our school!! Exciting but crazy around here. Here are some picture highlights of the week….
fire, wanafunzi 020.jpgedit
fist bumps are BIG at our shule
evy sick, girls eating outside 004.jpgedit photographic evidence of happy, healthy, & sweet baby girl
evy sick, girls eating outside 009.jpgedit
Anni loves wearing a scarf like Mama
Computer Class 209.jpgedit
First computer trial class!! Jason has had some ups and downs so far…(Major Up..After a warning everyone has come on time and seems to really love learning about computers…Major Down…few people have even mastered using the mouse as of yet). Definitely a learning experience…for ALL involved!

*as an aside I am not sure what will happen to my poor hubby when LOST ends next week. It has been his favorite TV show of all time and is even more fun when viewed as a bootleg copy snug under your net on your very own island with bizarre happenings. J keeps lamenting in a continual countdown…..”only 2 more hours of Lost ever” Pole sana for J!

  1. Anonymous says:

    jason and les can commiserate about the end of LOST. i am not sure what will happen. grief and despair for sure! love that picture of you and anni!!oh, i miss you so MUCH! i wish we could set up a live feed of the wedding so you could “be there”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    wow, the school looks awesome! so exciting that you are finally able to be teaching!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cutest pictures Roxanne! I so love the one with you and Anni, but adore the pic of you with your class at the zoo! Finally your beautiful smile has some competition,(and I thought it would be Evy). Just that one child's smile kinda says it all…you bring us all such joy! Sad to say, but I belong in Jason's class! Love, Karen

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love Anni in her scarf. Isn't that the little one that came with the dress I bought her? Love Evy's smile too.Just took Aunt Jerry to the airport. We had a great weekend. Wish you could have been there, or at least have been able to see you all on skype.:( It never seems to work for me. :((Can't wait to hear what Jason thought about “Lost”. “Grey's Anatomy” had a wild 2 hour finale too. They killed off a lot of actors/characters. I guess people wanted out of their contracts.

  5. Anonymous says:

    yep, Mom that is the scarf that goes with the dress- the dress is still a bit big though but she loves wearing the scarf!

  6. Anonymous says:

    You and Jason are amazing!! I am so proud to know you guys, and to see your dream becoming a reality. What a wonderful experience to carry with you for the rest of your life. May many, many more blessings continue to rain down on you all!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox