We are surviving today. A nasty cold/fever/tummy upset bug has struck our house hard and both Anni and Evy are recovering, or trying to. Anni is better today and was able to head to school. Thank you Jesus because honestly I do not think I could have done another day with both home and sick and whiny (me included…in the whiny part). Can I just say baby colds are the absolute worst! After another night with Evy waking every 1-2 hours I am just trying to survive. Jason is teaching the first computer class at the vocational training school as I type: Yeah! But boo! for me home alone with sickies. Poor Evy has such a bad cough that she only fell asleep on my chest last night after hours of waking her self up. And to add insult to injury a dudu must have gotten in our net last night since she has about 6 bug bites all over her arms and head. So right now massive quantities of snot is the enemy and we will not be taken down……just look at my smiley but snotty little girl…..
evy sick, girls eating outside 022.jpgedit
She is trying so hard to be happy but a smile is usually followed by a “Oh Yeah, I feel like crap” cry and nuzzle. Pole!

  1. Anonymous says:

    So sorry you are all so sick. Seems strange to have colds when it's 90 degrees, but then having a fever is just worse. Poor little Evy is still smiling though. I've been cleaning the lake house all day! Jerry is coming Thurdsay. Daddy left about 4:30, and I just finished about 12:30 am. I'm so sore and tired I can't even sleep, so here I am catching up on you all. I just hung the pic of all of our hands. Looks neat.