My husband is awesome. Seriously, not only does he love me and my girls but he does all he can to make me feel special. Being a good wife and mother is hard and most days I feel like I could be doing a way better job but with God all things are possible. Wife and Mother are two of the hardest gigs of my life but they are also the most worthwhile. It means a lot when people say I am doing a good job at this or that but how much more to hear that you are a good mother and wife from those that spend the most time with you. That know your not so shiny moments. And that still cherish you anyway.
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On Saturday Jason announced to me that he wanted to take me to town and let me buy a painting I have been eyeing for a while but knew we needed more immediate things before saving up for it. He drove a crazy hard bargain and after meeting the artist (since he had to ok the price) they wrapped it is used brown paper and we rode home with my Mother’s Day present. It now hangs in our front room and whenever I look at it I think how much my awesome hubby loves me and knows me…..I LOVE zawadis (gifts)! Another peice of art was created by Miss A and I treasure it just as much. I LOVE that she wrote her name and that in her drawing of herself she has both yellow and brown hair since she says ” I have a little both kinds Mama”
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Happy Mother’s Day to all those Mama’s out there that inspire me to love more, be joyful, and creative in my mothering! And of course to my Mommy who would lay down in traffic for any of her kids…it means so much to know there is always someone rooting for you…even if you are a grown-folk! I love you Mom!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well done Jason! Did he get a better price than we did though? Can't wait to see it in all it's glory!! See you soon xx

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love you too, honey! You make motherhood look good. You are a role model for so many. You learned from my mistakes for sure. Love both pictures, but especially Anni's. How cool she can write her own name now. Especially the long way!