If you frequent this blog you may have noticed some slight changes in template, colors, etc. Yeah, this is mostly due to a complete oops and a power cut. I was using all 3 things I know about blogs and computers today trying to make use of some time with no visitors or work due to a fabulous down pour of rain (Yeah for cooler weather). My dream seems simple enough to me; to try to adjust the pictures I upload to appear larger but alas it has been an adventure (see me trying to be positive). While reading online about 12 different people’s advice on how to do this and simultaneously trying to work in blogger the power cut. And alas I lost everything. It was not such a bummer as I have been thinking this lil’ blog is in need of a make over but what is a complete joy kill is that I CANNOT for the life of me figure out how to make the pics bigger and to do justice to the amazing sights here. Anyone out there…..if you can help….please help a clueless and frustrated blogger…..

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the new format! The blue is much easier to read from and the big pics looks great! Looks like the blue ocean! Glad it is getting cooler. Maybe we can skype this weekend??? Still no box?