We had a busy weekend and are still getting new intel on the phone (I think Jason will write up the whole fiasco since it is really too ridiculous to ever forget) but for now I had to post the latest irritating issue at our homestead. Last Monday Jason headed out to drive Anni to school to find this dug outside our gate:
It may not look deep but it is a pretty big ditch. Big enough to get your car tires stuck in. Upon asking around our neighbors explained that they dug it to try to to put a bomba (pipe) down to try to get water from a new water source since there has been so many water issues in our neighborhood lately. They also explained that they did not have the pipe yet or the money to buy said needed pipe so we knew this ditch may just impede our driving for days if not weeks. They are very happy to help us out though every time we need to go in or out of our gate. As soon as they hear our car start someone runs out and bring these long boards to build a bridge for the wheels of the car to pass over the trench. The whole process is ridiculous, a bit annoying, but definitely hilarious as we usually have a crowd watching the car and offering direction and guidance. We have left the car outside the gate during the day when we know we have to leave again quickly (ie. when Jason was hunting down the mwizi and responding to phone calls every ten minutes, or when we need to get to the school for a meeting, etc) but when we do this the car alarm usually sounds every 20 minutes from the neighborhood kids climbing on the car (they just cannot resist).

I had to document the process of getting back into our house:

setting up the bridge

trying it out
readjusting….1/2 way there!

Alas, we are not going anywhere quickly these days and it is definitely a community effort to get us in and out of our home at the moment. Hopefully soon pipe will arrive.

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you have steel paint cans, fill them with rock and sand. Put them in the ditch at a tire's width apart. When you drive over the ditch just drive over the cans. Then you can leave the cans there all the time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You just need Simon and Garfunkle, singing “a bridge over no water” and you have the winning u-tube entry. Love, Karen