We try to guard family time since it can quickly slip away. I think that is important even back home in Chicago but here the immediate nature of everything can make just being together, de-stressing, and having fun as a family get pushed aside. Last weekend some friends that live here invited us to join them for the day at a section of the island we had yet to explore and we could not turn the opportunity for some family time by the ocean, hanging out with them in the pool at their hotel, and eating food we did not have to cook or clean up. On the drive there a tremendous rain storm made us slow to almost a crawl and we saw the exact moment the power went out when lightening struck a power line and with a giant blue, purplish flash the line lit up. It was awesome! But no power was yet another reason we were glad to be away from home and enjoying some time together. We thought that it may rain on our parade so to speak but after about an hour (and one sweet prayer from a desperate to swim Anni Joy) it cleared up for a bit and we were able to enjoy the water. We also had fun trying out our camera to capture some local sights by the ocean. It did rain on and off but we still had a great day being together. Anni loves playing with their kids and their family also had parents visiting them so we all had a great time kid wrangling, talking, and being together.

our 2 families

Anni leaps in the pool…she can even dive(ish) now! (check out video)

how sweet is she?

women working with coconut husks

fishermen set out

a local woman digging in the sand for muscles

more fishing

as we were leaving a beautiful rainbow was spotted and one little girl LOVED it!

Always reminds of how powerful & real God’s promises are!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Anni's belly flops are really something. Loved the feet pic, and of course all the cute pics of Evy. She looks like she feels pretty good, and is getting so much bigger! Seeing lightning strike and rainbows is pretty awesome. God was indeed there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE the pic of you and Evy! Sooo cute! Looks like you guys had a nice time!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anni can dive! That is so cool! Evy keeps getting cuter. Jealous of your beautiful beach fun and rainbows!