On Sunday we had a jammed packed day of cooking, visiting, visitors, and celebrating sharing the awesome news that Isa amefufuka! (Jesus is risen!) I did not take many pictures since we were out most of the day but I did manage to snap a few before we got too sweaty.

Everyone LOVED Anni & Evy and their matching dresses although I still had several people worry since Evy was not wearing socks. Hilarious!

me & my girls in our Easter best
I had to document the coconut cakes I made this year. I decided although my banana bread has been a huge hit I needed to branch out so I found this recipe and modified it a bit. I am NOT a baker but I am trying as sharing food is a big part of this culture. They actually turned out great! I used fresh coconut milk to make the icing and sprinkled the top with coconut shavings (and I even managed to NOT cut myself on the scary coconut shaving contraption…score!). I made over 60 and we gave out every single one before the day was done. I got lots of “tamu sana“s so I was excited as I can add this to the small but growing list of things I am able to make here.

We ended the night by having a few friends over for a celebratory dinner of rice, biryani, and fried fish. We explained why this day is so important to us and they asked lots of questions. We talked, shared, laughed, ate, and Anni even got to show off some of her Easter eggs. It was a full and fulfilling day.
Pasaka Njema!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I applaud you for doing TONS of baking in that heat you endure each day. Baking in my comfortable, cool house is nothing compared to what you go through! Your cakes sound delish!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Too bad we couldn't find a Mama dress to match your little girls! They do look darling!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE that I just noticed that there is a fly in the cakes pic- soooo life here- even the 30 seconds before I closed the containers…wadudus!!!