The super-duper-awesome-fun-extended-adventure starts in a couple hours!…can you tell I am trying to talk myself out of a panic attack about 2 1/2 days of solid travel with 2 kids and 11 pieces of luggage 馃檪 Many people have asked about our schedule so here is our planned trip which I have not even glanced at until today because to much thinking of aforementioned things causes my chest to tighten……I prefer ignorance. But it will be good. God was sooo good to us coming home even when I was puking and we know it will be great going back and I have fabulous kiddos that have already proved to be tough littles. The trip is Just LONG. Like epic L-O-N-G. I just wish there was some totally safe-no side effects drug you could give kiddos that would allow them to sleep soundly for 2.5 days and awake totally refreshed and un-crabbified. Don’t judge until you have done 2 international flights and a wicked lay-over back to back 馃檪 Heck, I wish I could take something too! But part of me is excited about the adventure part of the trip as well since Anni cannot wait for the plane ride. She packed her own little princess suitcases full of books, gum (her treat of choice for the plane), stickers, crayons, her baby, and some DVD’s for our laptop. At least she is at the age where bribing, food, and lots of princess movies should get us through. For Evy the boob is our only hope. Wish us luck and if you are the praying sort say a prayer for safety and sanity. Next post from Africa…..if there is still power 馃檪

路 March 17: Depart on 9:25 pm CDT flight from O鈥橦are to London on British Airways
路 March 18: Arrive in London at 9:50 AM GMT.
路 former teammates from UK pick us up and rest /spend time with them for our 9 hour layover
路 March 18: Depart on 6:50 PM GMT flight from London to Dar es Salaam on British Airways
路 March 19: Arrive in Dar es Salaam at 7:25 AM GMT +3; teammates arrive and help transition luggage to Ferry
路 March 19: Depart Dar es Salaam 10:30 AM to our island
Home. Deep breath, try to convince, coax, &/or bribe 2 children into sleeping and keep away neighbors and friends for at least a few hours 馃檪
Anni decided to get all ready for our trip but giving herself henna with some markers she found at Bibi’s house. At least she is culturally relevant (she must remember that you do NEED henna for a big trip 馃檪

  1. Anonymous says:

    i LOVE anni's henna!! super safe, swift and smooth travels to you guys!! love to you all

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dearest Engstroms…We have been floowing your blog during your time home and I have loved it. I was particularly moved today seeing your huge pile of luggage and reading your final days in the US. Oh, I could so remember that…the stress of it all, the good byes, the packing and the planes. So blessed to hear that the Kittows will meet your at Heathrow…we had a great connection with them in February when we popped back to Bristol for a few days. Man, I miss them. One thing I wanted to encourage you about in regards to the transition back for Anni. I remember that our daughter (who was almost exactly the same age and so totally engaged in our Asian culture in Nairobi) had great transitions back in but we did notice that for a good few months she needed extra grace – emotionally. She verbalized a lot how much she missed family in America. We would grieve with her but it was at this age that we also began to unravel God's great plan of why we do what we do. And the kid got it! So that's my little encouragement…balance the grieving/homesickness with perspective so she joins you as a full participant in this journey. We so love what you are doing on the island and please know you have some really big fans in San Francisco! Love, Maureen (and John) Becker

  3. Anonymous says:

    Godspeed, Rox and fam. It was wonderful catching up with you guys. Be safe and take care of yourselves. We await the next update! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox