On Sunday we spent our last time in the city with some of our church family. They invited us to share. It means so much that people want to hear about a small island a world away. That they want to know about the people, the culture, our work at our vocational training school, our lives, and what God is doing. After church we had a luncheon and served some Tanzania chai while we shared with our dear friends and family. The room was packed, like African style packed (well not really since there were chairs and room to walk) but still as close as us Westerners get to crammed in nice and snug. As I looked around it hit me that these were the people that we did life with for the time we lived in Chicago. And they still have a huge impact on our lives. Even some people that had moved out of the city came just to see us and hear about everything. One family came and I was so happy to see them since I taught the kids way back when. I could not believe how big they are (one is actually in high school now). I still remember them when the boy would run around the gym pelting me with rubber balls and the girl would over share about her “mama going potty” in group time. I guess I should not be shocked since kids grow, that is pretty much their main gig but it reminds me that I am old:) The family handed Jason a worn reusable Jewel bag with a massive can of coffee in it. We thought they were giving these coffee lovin’ folks something to take back until their mother explained that the kids had been saving their change for over a year to give to us. Seriously. My mom took it to the bank and there was $174.56 inside. We are amazed at how God moves in others to be so generous. What a privilege to get to see all the people that have a part in a vocational training school and our lives half way across the globe. So many people came to share time with us even if for a couple hours before we jet plane it outta here. We said good bye again and again and there were tears (the first of many this week). The constant goodbyes and hellos of this life sometime weigh so much that my chest physically feels heavy.
But it is all worth it. And God is good. Always. Through distance and time. We have amazing support. That is church family. That is friendship. That is riches. That is blessing, folks.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, my preggo self cried while reading this story. How sweet of those kids!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love this story.