After playing house in Evanston a few weeks back we headed to Champaign-Urbana for the weekend. Am I the only one who thinks visiting your college Alma mater makes you feel old? Like I just do not get the “i’m not gonna wear a coat in 12 degree weather cuz it cramps my style,” or the bipolar nature of college girl’s wardrobes ie. wear PJ’s to class and hootchie Mama club gear at night. Oh Vey! I guess I am old. But a lot of Champaign-Urbana (Cham-bana as we like to affectionately refer to it as) has changed. Way nicer stuff in campus town and swanky new apartments which I must say I think is just wrong. You are supposed to live in rat holes during your college days…no? That is part of the ambiance. I digress…. We went to see my sister Katy perform for the Illinettes during a Bball game. I would have great pictures with my new camera if the security had not taken it away. I guess they afraid of my wicked awesome picture taking ability would compete with ESPN šŸ™‚ Argh! But she was great and it was fun to see her apartment and go out for some frozen yogurt with her and her boyfriend on Friday night. We took Evy with us to the crazy loud bball game (which I never would have done with Anni) and she slept most of time in my sling amidst blaring loud music and cheering. Half way through she woke up and I took her out of her little pouch. A shocked college student sitting next to me who had been obviously enjoying some pregame beverages yelled “Whoa! Dude! There is a baby in there!” Yep! Evy went to her first Illini game and cheered them on to a victory!
what Evy did most of the game
Ben & J

Annikah stayed with Bibi during the weekend making us feel like we had tons of freedom (amazing how when we just had Anni we felt like life was so hard but now when we only have Evy it feels so E-A-S-Y!). Anni was more than happy to stay home and get spoiled by Bibi who took her to see Disney on Ice (they had great seats and some fun experiences-read my mom’s blog and see pics here).
We invited ourselves to stay with our dear friends the Suttons who live in Urbana and were sort of our adopted family during college. They are seriously amazing people that have 3 grown boys now. We used to go on hiking trips with them as leaders of the youth group at our old hippie church; New Cov. They were granola way before it was cool to be granola and they are able to pull it off in a completely non arrogant and humble way which is inspiring. They are kind, compassionate, honest, giving, generous, genuine, and most of all Jesus lovin’ fallen but found people living out their beliefs. I aspire to have the kind of family they are. Awesome. We had great conversations and caught up a bit with some friends from our church and got to see everyone at the service on Sunday too. We also hosted a tea time and shared more about our lives and work in Africa.
some friends from New Cov…we miss you all so much!
The last must on our trip was a college roomie reunion of the girls I used to live with at 54 E John Street. It was a hole of a place that was dirt cheap and where 5 girls shared one bathroom with no blood shed (a feat that requires some sort of medal). We laughed about many college memories like the sweltering heat in the summer, the pot-smoking neighbors who lived downstairs and once had an entire band set up in our staircase, my roomie sleep walking in her bra and eating cheese from the fridge, and the infamous one eyed squirrel who used to break in and chill on our couch (once while doing Tae-bo he assaulted me and I still may need counseling to recover). Ah, college memories…. the girls of 54 E John….with Jess & Jamie even photo shopped in (courtesy of Lizzie)
We met (minus Jess & Jamie who who dearly missed) at Annalea’s house (which is beautifully decorated) and caught up as the kids frolicked and played until it was time to head to MY FAVORITE Mexican restaurant; Dos Reales. Now, I LOVE Mexican food and since I was celebrating my non-pregnant and therefore no-puking self I could not leave C-U without a trip to Dos (it would be a sin really). We had a blast stuffing ourselves and talking about how much has changed and how much remains from our crazy college days.

Dinner at Dos!! Mexican food heaven!

Katie & Matt with Evy
Precious time with friends and family…another awesome weekend!
  1. Anonymous says:

    OH How I missed out! (Yet it would have been brutal to be in Dos with no margarita) But the photoshopping rocks, and I probably look better there than I would have in real life!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ok. I have to admit that I have been a silent reader of your blog for a while now. I LOVE raeding about your adventures in Africa! Isn't it funny that the reason I choose to comment is because of Dos??? LOL I LOVED that place when I was at the U of I!!! There have actually been much more “important” things that I have felt like commenting on, but was too nervous to say anything. I think this is a good reason to start!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I remember all of your wonderful friends, just from that one weekend Chris and I visited you. It was very fun to see them. Chris just told me she will be there next weekend! I can hardly wait to see you all! Love, Karen

  4. Anonymous says:

    P.S. Maybe all of us silent readers(I love your name for them, better) could meet at Dos someday! We could probably pack the place! As a U of I alum, I love that place,too!

  5. Anonymous says:

    i need a copy of that photo! oh jess – it would have been great for you and james to be there too.

  6. Anonymous says:

    How spoiled Anni gets by her grandparents and family. You will have a hard time keeping up with all the excitement being bag in Tanzania. But on the other hand it will be differently exciting ;o)Daniela