We spent the weekend with J’s cousins, just those that live in the Midwest. We wanted to have a reunion of sorts since we will miss the next big cousin reunion (as an aside J’s family on both sides does these awesome family reunions and I love attending since my fam does not have these and each reunion has its own traditions).

Besides the family’s obsession with Haiku’s
which may sound dorky
but is fun and addicting
just try it and see

It is a great way to make memories of the time together. We all rented a cabin at Grizzly Jack’s which I still affectionately call “Bear moose goose goat bear butt lodge” from our last visit when Anni was a wee one. To save money & have more time together Jason arranged for us all to cram (and I mean swish, jam, pack in -one room slept 7 people our last night- the Dills took one for the team with 5 kids in their room-thanks!) into a cabin so we could all enjoy the water park and amusement park for 2 days. It was chlorine soaked way too loud and crazy family fabulousness and although there was little sleep with so many babies and kids (seriously surround sound crying at times) everyone had a great time. Anni LOVED chilling with her cousins and on the ride back from the water park one afternoon said “(sigh) I am really gonna miss these guys when I go back to Z” So sweet and (sigh) (tear) us too! We all shared meals, the girls talked pregnancy, babies, and motherhood, the boys played rock band until way too late, the girls also kicked the boy’s collective butts in Family Feud, and we all just enjoyed being together for a couple days. Again, we are saving up these memories as we shall soon miss everyone dearly. here is our family time in pics….
all the 2nd cousins (Trevor, Jonathan, Silas, Claire, Anni, Evy, Joshua, & Joel)

celebrating Silas’ 4th Bday!


more cousin love

the big boys play rock band

Breakfast with Silas

my sweet girl

Mark reads the kiddos a bedtime story

givin’ Claire some lovin’

cousins on the water slide

they loved holding hands

water park in the winter necessitates awesome clothes…..sun dress and snow boots!

chilling in the water

lil’ swimsuit on Evy…cover-up on Mama to hide post partum bod…yikes!

Papa & Anni in the hot tub the drop ride was Anni’s fav

Silas, Anni, & Joel ride the snake

Me & Evy hang out while the kids run from ride to ride


  1. Anonymous says:

    What an awesome place to be with one's cousins. Ais loved the vid! She doesn't remember her last trip down there. I do, that stinky diaper that nearly gassed out the bus. LOL We looked into going this winter, but it's too pricey! Glad you could get it in with everyone!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Our little girly girl sure has no fear! She rocked that water slide!