Lucky for Jason I am a cheap date on Valentine’s Day. I actually loathe the commercialism that is Vday and have repeatedly told him if he ever spends money on flowers (that are marked up to double what they normally cost) just because it is Valentine’s Day I would slap him silly. OK, no violence but seriously he knows better than to get me a bear wrapped in cellophane or a dozen overpriced roses just because it is Feb 14th. Instead, I stealthily drop hints that he should be in a year round habit of getting me thoughtful gifties šŸ™‚ So because there was no date in store for J and I we decided to make it a family date day. Anni was very excited about Valentine’s day this year and after coloring all her cards was eager to give them out. She even woke up this AM and bounded into our room to announce she wanted to wear her red heart shirt because “it is Valentin’s.” So we had to celebrate with a family date. Our challenge find cheap or free things that are fun and when limited by freezing temps and yucky dirty snow we had a challenge. Never fear: the mall is here!! There are actually a ridiculous number of malls in the western burbs and they all seem to stay in business since consumerism is how we Americans like to amuse ourselves, especially in sub zero temps. We hit the mall and although we did not buy a thing we got in some exercise and Anni got to toss pennies into the fountain, play in the playplace and convince Bibi (who met us there later after a vet meeting) to buy her a butterfly shirt. The best part was chilling in Von Maur listening to the piano man and watching Anni’s interpretive dance. It was us and like 5 people over 60 relaxing on the couches and watching the Anni show. Some other kids were even inspired and joined in! On our way home we stopped and Jason ran into to Home Depot to buy some seeds we want to take back to plant in Africa and while I nursed the baby in the car Anni and I sang. She is a funny kid. Like she cracks me up at least once every day. This was one exchange in the car:

Anni: “Evy, will you like princesses when you grow up?”
Evy remains silent šŸ™‚
Me: I don’t know, what do you think Anni?
Anni: “Hmmmm, Yep, she will but she will like football too. I like princesses and I like to shake my booty”

Anni strikes a pose!

We ended the day by stopping off for a shamrock shake and dollar sundae for our special date treat…Annikah loved tasting them…..A McD’s with a play place did not hurt either!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

here is some of Anni’s said booty shaking:

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'd love to go with Anni to our Von Maur and see my own private dance recital! Looks like she's learned some new dance steps from her ballet class?! Almost forgot about Shamrock shakes – we'll have to stop by for one soon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anni told me that “Evy would like to be a princess, but she will love football because Papa loves football and so Evy will.” She then turned to Evy and said “Here Evy (trying to put one of the rings I brought on Evy's finger)You can be a princess and you can like sparkles.” Then she turns to me and says “But she will like purple more than pink, I like all the pink.” That girl is so funny, she cracks me up! I will watch her ANYTIME! šŸ™‚