A must while in Chicago was seeing the Roger’s Park Mama’s (est. Jan 2007)and kiddos. These friends and kids were such a part of our lives when we lived in Chicago. We met weekly from when our first born kids were a few months old and there is just something about the bond of motherhood that has kept us connected. Everyone was there (minus Sarah who was dearly missed) and all of us had our second with us (one still in the belly:). Rock star award Shayna’s hubby (he is literally a rock star too:) kept the older kids busy so we could catch up. We talked of jobs, culture, change, kids, and mostly how things have changed but how they have stayed the same since we were all together last. They asked a lot of great questions about Africa and I got to hear about their jobs and lives. We ate hummus and fabulous home made soup while we wrangled kids. These women never cease to amaze me with their mama skills, love for their kids and others, and strong spirits.
*Michelle’s blog has GREAT pictures of the last 3 years in her post- check it out here.
Last time we were all together:

the kids this past week (minus Elliot whose fam moved to Michigan)

they are big kids compared to this picture

girly love!

picture of round 2: the new babies. 6 months, 5 months, 5 weeks, and due next week!
I love you ladies! It was awesome to see you and your gorgeous kiddos!
  1. Anonymous says:

    wow, what a cool photo comparison! I love it! I met a few of those mamas and, I agree, they are totally cool babes!