My idea of a perfect winter’s day goes something like this….

Wake up and tell Annikah we are going to Chicago on the train to have a fabulous family adventure. Riding over in the car to the train station (a 3 minute ride) she announces
“I already love this adventure!”

take Metra into Chicago

walk to the German Kris Kringle Market at Daley Plaza

& admire the “bigger tree”

we found a stall from near where our team leader’s family lives!!

sample some German food…Anni even liked the spicy mustard!

stop and see the baby Jesus

check out the windows at what was formerly known as Marshall Field’s (as a true Chicagoan I cannot bring myself to say the current name…… too painful)

charm some Firemen singing Christmas carols outside

check out the “even bigger tree” from above the Walnut room

walk to Millennium Park to try free ice skating (Anni & Jason that is, I sat that one out) Anni was so excited they had “ones for my feet” & Jason and I were even more excited they let us rent them for free!!

watch & wait patiently for the Zamboni man to clean the ice

ice skate for the first time with the best Papa ever! Fall a lot, get up and try again, and enjoy the ride as Papa whizzes you around the rink.

take a rest when needed

enjoy the view of Chicago and the fabulousness of being in our city!!

run to catch the train just in time and enjoy some Mint Frango mints on the ride home

Yep, that is pretty much what I consider a perfect winter’s day. Plus, if walking about 25 city blocks at 39 weeks preggers does not get this baby moving I do not know what will!!

my little ice skater:

  1. Anonymous says:

    You all look so cold there! We're going to do our tree tomorrow – hooray! It will take all of 5 minutes I'm sure. Going East African with a banana leaf Baobab tree!!! Will post pictures soon!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I concur – perfect winter day!

  3. Anonymous says:

    looks like a great chicago adventure!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Looks like you're right at home in your old stomping grounds. Wish we could have joined you for the perfect winter day.