We had a crazy busy weekend in Chicago. It was a great mix of visiting friends, celebrating, and sharing at our church. On Friday we headed out to Roger’s Park to search for a few things in our storage space and Anni and I stopped by to visit dear friends Manda and Zella before they move to Vancouver at the end of December. I used to watch Zella and cannot believe how big she is!! Manda is a great friend and it was exciting to hear and share a bit about how our lives have changed in the last 2 years. Zella & Anni

After visiting for too brief a time we headed over to meet another family and the newest Studee boy born a few weeks ago. We got to catch up a bit over lunch and Joshua and Anni had so much fun playing they even got to skip naps. Laura looks great and seems to be rockin’ it out as a Mama of 2!! Joshua was very proud to show off his baby brother Wesley and we can see why: he is a cutie!!

Anni & Joshua
Joshua shows off his new brother…Anni will soon be a big sis so he had to show Anni how it is done! That night we headed to the Jerozals (where they hosted us for the weekend- thanx!). They had a small Christmas dinner party that night and it was an awesome blessing to attend a party with friends where guys and girls could be in the same space and hang out. Great food, fun games, and even better conversations was a blessing to us.

fabulous dinner party Friday night with dear friends

The next morning we dropped off Anni at the Aneeds as they offered to have Miss A over to play with their oldest daughter Ava. Jason and I headed to a family’s house to share about the last year and a half. We then realized that the photo presentation I had spent about 3 hours working on was NOT on the laptop we had brought. I thought Jason had saved it and he thought he thought I had done it. Argh!! I was so frustrated and we decided that Jason would drive back out to my parent’s place (driving makes me sick) at some point that day to get it before our presentation for the kids at church the next morning. I think Jason was only willing to do this to avoid a major prego meltdown moment as I did not want to re-do everything. After many phone calls we realized my parents were at U of I at a game with my sister, the house was locked and my brother’s keys were stolen last week so if we wanted to get in we would have to 1.) drive out and try to break in or 2.) wait until my parents returned at midnight to let us in. Argh Again!! As a last ditch effort Jason checked the thumb stick we had in the laptop bag and THE PRESENTATION WAS THERE!!! Seriously, this sounds crazy but it was a miracle as I have no memory of even seeing the memory stick in weeks and Jason swears he did not save it there either. We just thanked God and cancelled plans to drive to the burbs in the middle of the night. Yeah! God helped us even in our scattered lives and brains!
After speaking with friends from church and lunch we headed back to the Aneeds to join Annikah. The girls were taking a nap and Kim, Marc, Jason, and I enjoyed catching up a bit. Everything from parenting to politics, TV to traditions, our island life to Chicago to travels. The kids were soon up and Anni and Ava got along great as Ava is a kindred girly girl spirit and the girls played princess dress up and “mom and sweetie.” Their adorable boy Phin who was not even born when we left was keeping up with the girls too. We loved chatting so much and the kids seemed to be running from room to room playing creating chaos but keeping busy so we continued enjoying our “adult time.” We soon discovered just how much fun…..Once we started cleaning up Marc discovered a empty box of fruit roll-ups!! That is right: the girls had gotten a box, unwrapped each one, and eaten the entire box!!! The funniest part was my daughter came to me and asked for help in opening one. I was thinking this was her first one and gladly helped her open it. After we made our discovery we tried to discipline the girls but they gladly explained that yes they had eaten them all….. “her have 4 and me have 3 Mama.” It was pretty adorable and we could not stop laughing at them thus our intentions of punishing them were abandoned because of their cute charm and sweet smiles at their devious deed. That also helped explain why both girls had crazy energy and Anni was not interested in dinner.

Anni & Jason enjoy ice cream cones!

Anni & like-minded-princess-lovin’-girly-girl Ava played together all day!

Sunday morning we headed to our church early to set up for the Winter’s Farmer’s Market and to share pictures and stories with the kids in the children’s ministry. It was great to reconnect with the kids because they have kept in touch by sending cards and even calling us in Africa. They had great questions, hilarious answers to questions we asked, and as always interesting comments…..our favorite was a little boy that asked “will you get arrested for wearing that?” after seeing Jason’s local kanzu and hat. Maybe no more Fox news for him! Gotta love kid’s honesty! After that we sold spices at the Farmer’s Market. It was an awesome collection of fresh foods and creative crafts. The best part was that many friends stopped by to say Hi and although it was drive by visiting seeing friends is always fabulous!! I even got see Jill and her new bling! She got engaged last week and she showed up all glowy and wonderfully joyful- Congrats girl! And thanks to everyone to stopped by and supported us by buying some spices. Anni was crazy hyper since we were there for hours and she was running around barefoot (we are still working on the wearing socks and shoes inside) but as soon as got in the car to drive like mad to make it to our hospital tour back out in the burbs she was zonked out. Busy but great weekend!

KidMix kids at First Free

  1. Anonymous says:

    it was so great to see you!! i'm glad you got to meet Les, and we'll have to plan a night to come out to the burbs very soon! thanks for being excited with us. good luck with having that beautiful kiddo while we're in portugal! xoxox