We had Thanksgiving round 2 on Sunday but not after a eventful weekend!! We were planning to have dinner together with my family on Saturday but a series of crazy and unexpected events made us push back our family celebration. First, my grandma that lives at a local retirement community fell and broke her elbow. When she fell she also dropped chili all over their carpet and was unable to get up. My sister and Mom went to the rescue and they spent all day cleaning, in the ER waiting for treatment, and then getting her settled into a bed for the night. Her elbow was very painful and the doctor said she shattered it and will now need surgery this week. Then on my Mom’s way home at around 9pm she found out that my brother who had driven my mom’s car downtown Chicago to show a condo had just discovered the car was broken into and his briefcase and backpack were stolen! His laptop, passport, clothes, work documents, and tons of other important stuff was gone. He had to wait for the police to show up but his phone was dying and since his charger was stolen he had no way to charge it. We felt terrible for him!! Not to mention that he then had to drive home since parking a car with no window on a city street overnight would not be good. He got home sometime after 1am and now has to replace all his belongings and get ready for a job interview he has today. After my mom got home from the hospital she was understandably stressed and I tried to listen and cheer her up. Although everything was stressful we found some things to laugh about. Namely my dad not being able to work the lights and turning on the ceiling fan fill blast and him trying on a new hunting shirt he had bought that day. The color was so bright it was actually making me nauseous!! I guess you had to be there but at least we found something to laugh about. The next day we also found out that my grandpa had fallen and my mom again had to go over and help him. We did manage to have a fabulous Thanksgiving meal on Sunday in the midst of the chaos before my sister headed back to college; a tribute to how amazing my mom is! I told my her as bad as I want this kid out I will try NOT to go into labor today since that was the last thing she needed after a stressful weekend! Perspective is needed as everyone is fine and we can cope but if you think of my family pray for my Grandma’s recovery, my brother, and our sanity around here.

visiting great grandma

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my! Sorry to hear about the stressful weekend! Glad things seemed to work out though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a story like “only in africa” – but it can seriously happen in homecountry as well. Best wishes to grand-ma and hopefully she will be well very soon!