After announcing my arrival in the 30’s…the third decade of my life on facebook many well wishers offered birthday greetings but my favorite was a friend who pointed out that 30 was the new 19. Must be true with all the obsession about looking young here…Geez! Kinda weird as we now live in a culture where being an elder means you even get your own respectful greeting…it is a good thing to get older. Nonetheless, it made me laugh and I had a birthday celebrating that 30 while being back stateside and celebrating with family and my husband is indeed the new awesome!!

On Thursday night the girls from Jason’s family took me out to dinner at a fab restaurant here in Cedar Rapids. From the outside it was not much to write home about (I think it was an old Denny’s er something) but the inside was very funky and the food was fabulous! Although I puked before we left I was able to eat my meal and thoroughly enjoyed it! After dinner they drove us into a parking lot and announced that we were getting mani/pedi’s on them! SO fabulous!! That best part was that the night before I had finally taken off the scroungy remnants of nail polish on my toes and redid them (not an easy task when you are 9 months preggers) because I had had a dream that I went into labor and as I was starring at my toes pushing the baby out they were Nas Tay. I needed to remedy the situation fast but little did I know all my hard but sloppy work would be scrubbed off the next day. At least now I am ready with cute toes. It was an awesome ladies night out…thanks girls!

The Engstrom clan ladies
mani’s & ped’s…what a special treat! Thanks ladies!!

On Friday night I slept over at Annie’s place in Iowa City because I was selling African goodies (spices, scarves, etc) at a party her friends had and after waking up with no kiddos (both our hubbies had Claire and Anni back in CR) we enjoyed breakfast. Jason and Annikah called me and both sang Happy Birthday to me. It was one of those moments I know my life is good, like really good. I have a thoughtful and loving husband and beautiful and sweet daughter. After the boys and kiddos showed up we headed to the mall near their house to wait in an ubber long line to receive our FREE 10 dollar gift cards for the mall (Annie has a friend who sent us an email to get gift cards that day). We really had nothing better to do and it was cold outside so we chatted and waited and after getting out gift cards got lunch at Chik-Fil-A. I developed a loving relationship with the hormone injected yumminess when I lived in Atlanta and it was prefect for lunch on my Bday. Anni was a big fan as well. We even got free shakes since we live and work in Africa!!


free shakes at Chik-Fil-A…living in Africa has its perks!
After play time in the kid’s area and me spending my gift card (I got 3 shirts I can wear in Africa plus 2 for friends there for only 6 bucks at Old Navy…Holla!) we headed back to Cedar Rapids. That night Jason’s parents watched Anni (thanks!) so Jason and I could go on a REAL date! We tried to figure out the last time we had had time alone like that and I think it was over a year ago so we were giddy. We actually went to the same place the girls and I had gone on Thursday becuase I knew Jason would like the food and atmosphere plus we had a coupon :). We talked, we laughed, we planned a bit,….we had a fabulous date for my 30th Bday! I am blessed.
check us out…on a real date..and sitting in a swanky lounge!
the free Bday treat at the end of the meal…
apparently they thought I was eating for 6!!!
  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad you had a Fabulous birthday celebration! What a fun time šŸ™‚ Happy late birthday wishes from me, sorry I wasn't up-to-the minute on FB, but I think I had a decent excuse….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a fabulous way to enter into the 30's! Glad to see you're enjoying yourself!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Glad you had such a gret time. Much better than watching the Illini lose again!