Bibi’s Rhoda’s house is fun for several reasons but today it was beyond fabulous. She brought out some old school Barbie and Barbie wanna-be’s that were Jason’s sisters and hers from childhood. She had even hand sewn some of the clothes! I must admit I even had fun dressing them up. Anni was enthralled and it made a cold and windy day inside full of girly wonderfulness!

hat boxes full of clothes

old school Barbie fun…check out the ensembles….muscle shirts and orange jumpsuits rule!
  1. Anonymous says:

    soo funny! i used to love that hat box with the orange flowers on it. so glad anni had fun with the barbies. sweet outfits, by the way. :

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jason should TOTALLY rock the white pants/low cut red shirt look on blond Ken. Super sexy!

  3. Anonymous says:

    How fun, but you never would even play with Barbie. Stuff animals were your biggest thing. You would dress them up, and ignore any Barbie you got. I bet Anni had a blast. Did you find Tink's other shoe?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Molly was into the Barbie's with the big huge trunk full of accessories. I was never into them, I did however have a Jem doll – she was supposed to be an 80's punk rock star. I think Anni would like that. She looked like Barbie on roids. No arch in her foot, cankels, punk mullet, light-up earrings. Really, it's not that far of a stretch of who I turned into.