We are getting excited to return home…….thoughts of Thanksgiving and Christmas with family, seeing friends we miss dearly, and indulging in a few of our American faves & craves are making us look forward to the next few months. Even though we are crazy busy these days we had to put hitting the beach on our TO-DO list….or else we knew we would kick ourselves come winter. A day well spent. And OH! How we will miss it come January in the Chi…..

the beauty of the water here is amazing

me & the girls take a dip to cool off

Anni holds the head of a fish the boys caught that was about to become lunch.
They found an entire whole fish inside it’s stomach…nasty!
grilling at the beach

a friend & tub filled with sea water…does it get any better?

being a beach bum is hard work….
Our fam enjoying our last beach day for a while (I am 29 weeks preggers!)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful pics – yes, it was a perfect day for all of us (except for Annelie).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great pics! Anni is going to be as tall as you. She's SO long! How soon do you fly home? I hope to get ot se you around Thanksgiving. Miss Sarah Ayrton will be with me too!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rox! i'm so excited to have you coming home for a bit! and your pictures just remind me that i'll have to save up a box of money to go visit you when you return :)love you!