Annikah’s school. Thought I would update about Miss A’s adventures at her new school. She is loving it and although the school has been closed for Eid for over a week (worse timing ever as we have so much to do before we jet plane it) she cannot wait to go back. She has told us everyday that her teacher misses her, so sweet (as a former teacher I am pretty sure her teacher is enjoying time sans kiddos but she is very kind to Anni). Annikah has homework everyday and so far has learned the days of the week and loves counting and singing her ABC’s. She has also learned some new songs in English and Kiswahili that are too cute!
The founder of the school has asked me to help out and so I am training the teachers this week in creative activities they can do using local supplies. At the teacher’s request I also have been going in every Wednesday for 2 hours to lead a craft in Anni’s class and then read a book to the other classes. The teachers really want a native speaker to teach, give instructions, and read out loud to the kids and ask questions as it helps develop their English. I then use Kiswahili as needed as well. For my first time I chose Curious George and explained him as the “kima ambaye anapenda fujo” (the monkey who loves nonsense). The kids were AMAZINGLY quiet, loved listening to the story, and eagerly answered the questions at the end. It was such a change from what I am used to as the kids are so respectful and well behaved (almost too much so). Except my child who loves to volunteers answers to every question with gusto:) Her teacher told me the first week she was so quiet but now she does not stop talking…yep, sounds like my kid! We are excited to continue building relationships and investing in this school.

Anni hard at work on her homework. She gets homework everyday and is always very proud to show off her completed work.

Annikah’s class (not all of the kids were there)

thatch roof classroom where I read to the kids every week,
they are so well behaved!! A big change for me šŸ™‚

reading at Anni’s school…Curious George goes cross-cultural!

Anni and Issa are proud to show off the “service helper” chart..Anni was in charge of bringing the pencils and books for the tembo (elephant) group last week! She also now “assigns” Jason or myself roles at home. Last night she announced “papa, you put me to bed because you are service today, ok?” Hilarious!

Here is a video of last week. After we made shakers with toilet paper tubes and beans we danced!! Fun stuff!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love her concentration doing here homework. Grandpa thinks she will love the little desk we have at the lake house, and now I'm sure she will. I have a huge coloring book I had bought for the kids at the staff party. She will love it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So, I was delinquent in reading your email about coming home– I'm really happy and I hope I get to see you! I'm flying through Chicago before you– next Tuesday, and again on the 15th. However, maybe when I drive to STL you'll be around in Nov. A little side trip. You're not a giver upper at all. I think God gave you your answer loud and clear.Anni looks great coloring at her desk. She's a born artist I think. šŸ™‚