My daughter turned 3 yesterday (or actually officially does so today as Jason pointed out: with the time change and given that she was not born until 5:40pm on the 31st in America) but the fact remains that my “baby” is anything but. Sigh. Tear.

We had a fabulous girly princess party here yesterday but alas 2 of our laptops decided to be killed in action in the same week putting them (and any capability for me editing photos or videos) out of commission so an update with pictures of the pink festivities will have to wait. But I had to share that Miss Annikah went to her first day at the local school here; uniform on, backpack in hand she started a new venture. One of many for her and us this past year.
She spent the first half hour crying and running to me but things markedly improved once the kids all sang “If you are happy & you know it.” “Mama, me know this one.” I stayed for about an hour to make sure she was settled but not long enough to make her think I will be there everyday. The teacher and the other kids were very sweet to her and one little girl let Anni wear her shoes which very much impressed Anni. I listened to the lesson and they are actually doing pretty advanced stuff; all the counting, recognizing numbers, ABC’s, trying to write and read letters, etc so I think she will learn a lot. Although during the”A is for apple” section of language the teacher held up a picture of an airplane and had the kids repeat loudly “E is for A-erooo-plane.” So, I think a bit of supplementing at home will be necessary.
It is a different style of teaching compared to back home but I think for now it will be a good fit. They sing tons of songs, all with adorable Tanzanian accents and Anni loves music so she will pick them up quickly and she is excited for the “new rafiki” potential. She liked play time and snack time the best and although the rest of the kids don’t get a kid who doesn’t drink hot chai they welcomed her and showed her the ropes. Day one down. Here is hoping and praying this place is a blessing to my big 3 year old girl.
  1. Anonymous says:

    oh my goodness – how will you know which letters/sounds to reteach?? So funny! She still seems young to me to go EVERY day šŸ™ , but knowing how social she is, I'm sure she'll love it. Any maybe she'll be so tired when she comes home that she'll want to take a nap!

  2. Anonymous says:

    How did you not bust out laughing at “e” is for aeroplane- that would make me laugh hard…it's quite adorable;)She looks so happy:)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I rememberpics of all of you first going off to school too. It was always harder on me than you kids. Then you selfishly start enjoying the time to get other things done that you couldn't do with a child that is demanding your attention around all the time. She sure looks like a big girl, not the little baby that left over a year ago.