…than 4 packages in ONE DAY!! I certainly cannot think of anything at the moment as I am too busy basking in the glory of craft supplies, new T-shirts, baby clothes and sun hats, had made pants for Anni, refried beans, Crackiln’ Oat Bran, Parmesan cheese, gummy bears, thoughtful presents for Anni’s Bday, and of course letters and drawings from friends that made me cry!!!!
A friend called yesterday morning and said he saw our name on a postage slip when he was at the post office and that was all the motivation I needed to go stalking alleged box-o-fabulousness. Despite the fact that there were no slips in our post box after a bit of sweet talking and a LOT of waiting in the end I left with 4 boxes-o-joy to bring home!! 4 packages people!!! Really helps since I was feeling really weepy and sick for the past few days. Nothing brightens one’s day more than some fun stuff from America and it arrived just in time for Annikah’s 3rd birthday. We so appreciate the great expense and trouble our amazing friends and family go to to bless us!! We love you all!!! Asante sana!!

Anni was super excited to have her sought after princess band-aids and quickly searched her entire body for an injury (she managed to successfully fake one on her finger). My mom can seriously find anything. She has the gift of shopping (one of her many gifts)!!!

Anni sports her new SPF 50 swimsuit from Bibi Rhoda

Anni quality checks the play dough and Cinderella lip gloss bracelet from some FF friends
  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for posting. Hug her for us. She is just adorable. Isn't this age the best? We live with little comedians- love it!