otherwise known as pics I wanted to post…
counting with some of the kids from our neighborhood…Rhoda even learned 1-10 in Kiswahili!

One of the awesome things about having family visit is that they take lots of pictures that sometimes we do not take, I guess because things have ceased to be “new” to us and because I am not a fan of being seen as a tourist and so I miss the great cultural shots sometimes (fortunately for big events we are always told to bring our camera:). But it is great when people come to visit that are tourists and can snap away! Like these shots Jim took of a visit to some of our neighbors. I love these kids, even if they relentlessly bang on our gate and beg for “Mama Annikah” to let them swing:)

aren’t they adorable?

Check out Jim with the panga (machete)!! He really thinks he is a survivor now!
This was on our visit to our school site…
Rhoda posted more pictures and descriptions of the progress on the school
Mmmmm meat! Check out that cow’s head! I’d say walking thru the fish & meat market is a bit of a challenge for anyone used to shopping where everything bloody is long dead & under cellophane:)

reward: dinner on our first night together out overlooking the water

a native…in her natural habitat

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great pics. I love the last one! I'm leaving for the lake because John is coming in tomorrow. Sat we go to the air and water show, then back to lake.Monday he leaves, and Katy wants me to come help her move in her new apartment. By then your shirts should be here, and I'll try to squeeze everything else in. GRM's address is 113 Ashford, Winsdor Park, Carol Stream. I don't the the exact thing, but that should get it there, or mail to me and I'll take it to them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful pictures of beautiful children. The one of Anni at the end is priceless! I look for your posts everyday, and am sad to be returning to work next week, so you go I will only get to read your posts on the weekends. Love, Karen