I have been a complete slacker in posting the rest of our brave Survivor’s endeavors…..here are some more pics of their last few days with us. We miss them dearly!

our Baba & Mama of the island meet J’s parents, this was the family we lived with when we first arrived and they take such good care of us and; as always, were happy to show us some amazing island hospitality!
Rhoda got a chance to see the kitchen where the women spend most of their time,
we chat while rolling chapati
They FINALLY finished a park right along the ocean by the old section of town

it opened on Bibi & Babu’s last day!


While we love our house, neighbors, and friends it can be hard to relax at home so we rented a house on the beach on a different part of the island for a few days (it helped that it was ridiculously cheap, of course a little sketchy but hey!). The big attraction was that it had a pool and no unexpected “hodis” Here are Babu & Bibi enjoying their reward!

Anni and Babu with the “boat”

some of the guys on our team
We invited our team mates over one afternoon for some food & fun!
the guys trying to balance on the air mattress

J practices scuba diving in the pool

Romy & Anni..best buds!
A challenge/reward was tasting street food… a bit risky but sooo worth it! We took Jim and Rho to the night food market in town.

enjoying Tangaweze soda (ginger)

local food…shrimp, fish, shark, octopus, lobster, chips, plantains, etc

trying one of our favs…juisi ya mua (sugar cane juice)

freshly squeezed of course
We also took them to one of Annikah’s fav places, where surviving the safety standards; or shall I say lack thereof, is the challenge! Here Papa & Anni ride on the ndege (airplane)…it no longer goes up and down but it does go pretty fast around and Anni loves it! local ice cream cones for 8 cents…we like them but I do not think Bibi & Babu were impressed

Bibi makes homemade play dough with Annikah…a HUGE hit!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for some amazing memories. Even the “sketchy” beach house, the rusted and broken down amusement park, and the kukus running everywhere rank as top-ten memories. Combined with the trip to Prison Island, the wonderful evening beach picnic, the resort pool . . . make for a vacation package that we wouldn't trade. It's so good to have shared memories that we can laugh about! It warmed our hearts and souls to spend time with you all. Already counting the days til you come home next summer!