Challenge: take a sketchy boat over to even smaller island with the promise of amazing views, swimming, and shell hunting
check out J’s mkirt (short for man skirt)
surviving feeding the massive tortoises
Ahhhh, blue water, sand, and a day to kill! Can you say REWARD!?! a bird crapped on J ….pole sana, but it is all part of the Survivor experience:)

How cool is this starfish Papa found? The next challenge was for Jim & Rho to start a fire, cook, and eat it………
Just kidding, we opted instead for picnic on an almost private beach (although by the end of the day we had only a small section of dry sand to sit on as the tide had come in so much) We hopped on our sketchy boat and headed home

Anni loves Bibi & Babu!
reward….ice cream bought for less than 20 cents on our way home
  1. Anonymous says:

    girlfriend, get some baby news up! we're all dying over here! šŸ™‚ love ya!

  2. Anonymous says:

    we had no internet all day yesterday…it is coming, be patient šŸ™‚