Lately we have seen a ton of these nasty dudes around here. Not sure why but a friend said they crawl in through the toilets. Since I often pee at night with no lights on I chose to NOT believe that.* When Anni comes to report “Mama there is BIG dudus (bugs) come see them!” I know what I will find. She is not scared at all and finds them sort of entertaining. Since they are the size of small cats I promptly play sissy and call Jason to get rid of them. He continues to insist that it should not be his responsibility but I say that was in our vows somewhere; “I vow to kill any jumbo sized cockroaches when needed so my dear wife is spared.”

*anyone planning to visit please still come!! We will protect you, or at least Jason will!!
  1. Anonymous says:

    Many times when I anticipate these sorts of things regarding our upcoming trip (tomorrow!!), I just pretend that I am going to be on Survivor!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    but we will let you shower šŸ™‚ and we won't even make you kill your own food, at least not on your first visit šŸ™‚ Have a great trip!! We are sooo excited!!