art projects with friends!

Annikah is not usually the poster child for sharing. I tend to think very few 2 year old’s are. She will share on her terms, ie. she gets to decide what her friend plays with and when and certain things like her sacred “blue baby” (so named because she has one blue dress) are not ever up for negotiations. This is one reason having a sibling will be good (albeit painful) for Miss only child. But she does have moments of generosity. This week she wanted to invite friends to share the watercolor paints that Bibi brought. It was sweet as she taught some kids from our neighborhood “the rules” to painting; always dip in water first, how to hold the brush, etc. The kids really liked it and while they waited for their master pieces to dry they all shared the swings outside. She also made flower vases out of jars and tissue paper with her fav girls after some quality dress up time. Adorable photo ops.
My favorite Anni quote of the week happened to be about sharing. We were eating lunch and Anni and Jason had rice and beans to eat and I was yet again trying to eat veggie soup broth.She asked for some of my soup and I gave her a few spoonfuls and reminded her of the pile of food on her plate. When she yet again requested more soup I explained that Mama needed to eat this because I could not eat the other food. She sat quiet for a moment and then very thoughtfully said “but Mama, sharin’ is carin’.” Jason and I exploded in laughter since neither of us have ever said this cheesy line to her and when we asked where she heard that she told us her teacher says it at school. Apparently, sharing is a theme around here these days and the girl got more soup. What could I say to that?
swing carin’ & sharin’
  1. Anonymous says:

    I can't wait to see and hear some of these things in person!! Is Anni still putting stickers on her calendar for the countdown??

  2. Anonymous says:

    So glad the paint made a hit, and that Anni shared. Tell her Bibi is proud of her for carin' and sharin'. Glad you were well enough to have art project days, too. Sorry that yesterday wasn't so good though. We'll try to skype on the 4th! Love you all, Bibi